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Welcome to UK Survey Panel!

At UK Survey Panel we find opportunites for Brits to partake in market research and earn cash and rewards. Companies and governments in Great Britain are very interested in the opinions of consumers and citizens like you. They conduct surveys about new products and services and use that information to influence their marketing and projects.

Most surveys and survey panels offer rewards to panelists. Some panels award cash for completing surveys, others offer entries into prize draws for cash and other cool prizes like electronics and vacations. Completing surveys can help you earn a little extra cash and also influence the products you use every day.

The best way to ensure that you earn the most money and rewards from online surveys is to join as many different survey panels as you can. All survey opportunities are free of charge. You will never be asked to pay to join a survey panel. As a member of UK Survey Panel you will recieve a newsletter or two each week with survey opportunites and on occassion, stand alone emails for specific surveys and panels.